Dindi in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh is a paradise waiting to be discovered. The serene region on the banks of the meandering river Godavari is near the place where the waters of the Godavari merge with the waters of the Bay of Bengal. Dindi is, of course, a place of serene beauty that is designed to indulge the senses with its coconut groves, canals, and backwaters. Spectacular houseboats refresh your senses and ensure a vacation spent in the tranquillity of nature is something to cherish for a lifetime.

Sterling Dindi provides the ideal setting to experience the pleasures of Dindi in comfortable and relaxed splendour. The resort naturally lays out the best in terms of accommodation and other facilities. But in keeping with the Sterling brand promise, you always get something beyond the ordinary. You are exposed to immersive local experiences that do not figure on the normal tourist map or itinerary. Holidaying differently is what Sterling promises and delivers. If you’re one who wishes to get in touch with your spiritual side, go temple hopping in Dindi.

A colourful haven

Not very far from Dindi is a place called Kadiyam. Did you know that Kadiyam is home to nurseries that are spread over 3,500 acres across 11 villages of the region? Did you know that these nurseries do a business that amounts to crores of rupees? Yes, Kadiyam is a centre of nurseries. The place is a beehive of business activity but on the other hand, the nurseries themselves are very scenic and beautiful. So much so, the nurseries have served as backdrops for many romantic south Indian films.

The village of Kadiyam has been attracting visitors owing to its nurseries which present a sea of different colours with flowers that are sure to bring a smile to your face. The acres and acres of colourful flowering plants create the illusion of a rainbow that has descended on the ground. Kadiyam is a riot of colours with flowers that are in great demand not only in India but also in overseas markets. Apart from the colour and glamour of the flowering plants, Kadiyam nurseries also grow medicinal plants in huge numbers.

Therapy for your mind, body and soul

The Kadiyam nurseries are also a haven of warmth and hospitality as the villagers welcome with open arms casual visitors as well as serious buyers to have an immersive experience in the nurseries. A visit to these nurseries is at once therapeutic and a powerful healing for the body, mind, and soul.

The nurseries are of course an indulgence for all the senses of the body, mind, and soul but also a great education about the various plants and flowers that adorn them. Exotic plants like the Brahma Kamal which has origins in the Himalayan region and flowers for a few hours once in 14 years can are sure to astound you. The nurseries seem to have every kind of plant and flower under the sun. Flowering plants, foliage plants, indoor plants, seasonal plants, medicinal plants, all vie with each other to grab your attention in the nurseries. Medicinal plants like the Indian Elm whose bark is used to treat rheumatism and also other diseases including diabetes and leprosy can be found in the nurseries of Kadiyam. Other medicinal herbs and plants like Lemon Grass, Dill, etc., lend the air a rich fragrance which makes it not only soothing and invigorating but a powerful aromatherapy in itself.

Feel the power of natural healing at the Kadiyam nurseries and lose yourself in the beauty of the flowers that adorn them. Sterling curates for you this enchanting experience, the fragrance of which will remain with you with a lingering presence for a long, long time, much after you have returned to your homes. Head on to the website to learn more.