One of the greatest pleasures of life is relaxing on a boat as it glides through enchanting wonderlands of nature. Watching the first rays of the sun kiss the water as you peer down into its depths, as you cruise along is an experience that would remain etched in one’s mind for posterity. Nothing could probably match the thrill of watching the skyline of a city emerge from the clouds in the distance as you watch with bated breath on deck.

If you thought that you need to head out to Singapore or some other exotic location to enjoy a cruise, then think again. We now have many options for enjoying the pleasures of a cruise in India itself. Listed below are some of the top cruises in India.

Cruising on the Backwaters of Kerala

The waterways of Kerala are indeed a haven for cruise lovers. The lovely towns and cities of Kerala are ideal to satiate the appetite of the most passionate of cruise aficionados. One can take a short cruise on a wooden boat with just the boatman for the company as you glide through the shimmering backwaters in the midst of coconut groves and listen to the song of the birds. If one wishes for a more complete cruise experience, then the houseboats of Thekkady are enough to give an exciting experience. Relaxing and indulging in luxury one can marvel at the flora and fauna of the region and even watch wildlife at close quarters as the boat weaves through wildlife sanctuaries. While you are in Thekkady, stay at the beautiful Woods-N-Spice Resort by Sterling Holidays. The resort is located near the perimeter of the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and allows guests to truly experience living in the wilderness.


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Goan culture and a cruise on the river Mandovi

A cruise on the Mandovi river can take your Goan experience to an altogether different level. A dinner on board a ship as you watch the magic of Goan folk dance unveil before you is an exhilarating experience. The spirit of Goa is infectious here and you will revel in it as you slowly sail to the pulsating rhythm of the Goan music. A hypnotic sunset on the horizon completes a picture perfect evening.


A Cruise on the River Ganga

Ganga, the mystical river, a river whose name itself is considered sacred is a wonderful gateway to the mystique of Varanasi. A cruise on the river at sunset seems like a cruise through life itself as you glide past the numerous ghats and reflect on birth, life, and death. As the sun slowly disappears on the western horizon and a pall of darkness envelops the river, hundreds of lamps light up the night sky and the river echoes with the hypnotic sounds of the Ganga Arati. Waves of spirituality seem to sweep the river and everyone in the vicinity and one is swept away in raptures of bliss. For those looking for longer cruises, there are various cruises available which range from a couple of days to a week and take you through the magical lands along the river Ganga and provide an immersive experience of the hinterland while at the same time pamper you with luxury.


A Cruise in the Sundarbans

A cruise amidst one of the largest mangrove forests in the world must surely rank as one of the most unique cruises in the world. As you weave between the intricate waterways, your blood may freeze on hearing the roar of a royal Bengal tiger or you may jump with exultation at the sight of spotter deer nimbly running around on the islands as you pass by in luxurious splendour. Sundarban cruise packages for 2 and 3 days are available and are guaranteed to give a lifetime of memories.


A cruise anywhere in India is sure to be a unique experience that brings you close to the mystery, diversity, beauty and enigma that is India. A cruise on the waterways of India is sure to enrich you with diverse experiences that you will cherish for a lifetime.