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The Wild Side of God's Own Country

Perched at the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Thekkady is home to South India’s most popular wildlife sanctuary, Periyar Tiger Reserve. This 777 sq. km. national park has a 26sq. km. artificial lake and is home to gaur, sambar, wild boar, langur, around 40 elusive tigers, and a large population of almost 1000 elephants.

The terrain is also a spice paradise with an abundance of cardamom, vanilla, pepper, cinnamon, coffee, tea, cloves and nutmeg thriving in these wild environs. Calls of the pachyderms from the distant and the excited chirping of birds ring through the air to signal that you're in Thekkady. The riveting sight of the elephant herds as they troop down to the water's edge is a truly magical experience.

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Important Information

State: Kerala

Destination Type: Jungle

Nearby Resort: Sterling Munnar

Languages: Malayalam, English

Nearest Railway Station: Kottayam Railway Station 

Nearest  Airport: Madurai 

Summer: March to May. Temperature ranges from 26°C to 36°C. Evenings are pleasant.

Monsoon: June to September. Rainfall is heavy. This time of the year portrays the jungle in a different hue.

Winter: October to February. Temperature ranges from 15°C to 21°C.

  • Carry caps, dark glasses and sunscreen lotion to combat the hot weather, along with some waterproof clothing.
  • Also ensure you carry insect repellant to combat the mosquitos and other insects.
  • A sturdy umbrella during the monsoon season will be handy.

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