Once the private hunting grounds of the erstwhile royal family, Sariska still holds the same aura of magnificence and enigma. Although it is mainly popular due to the tiger reserve it harbours, there are various monuments of historical and architectural importance located here as well, making it a traveller’s delight!

36 kilometres from Alwar, this forest destination in Rajasthan is well connected by road to nearby cities and towns.

If you plan to spend a weekend in the lap of nature amidst the wilderness in Sariska, here is a list of the top things that you can do on your trip:

Spot the wildlife

Spread over 800 square kilometres, Sariska National Park is one of the top wildlife destinations in India. It is a dense forest and is home to many species of birds and animals like leopard, nilgai, jackal, hyena, wild boar, monkeys, sambhar, partridge, peacock, woodpecker and eagle beside the famous Bengal tiger.

Sariska is the first national park to have relocated the Bengal tiger when its population went down. Go on a jeep safari for a unique opportunity to observe these majestic animals up close. The sanctuary can be visited between October and June as the park is closed to visitors the rest of the year. The best time to visit is during the summer months as it is easier to spot wildlife during this period.


Revisit history

Besides the wildlife reserve, there are various architectural marvels in Sariska that transport you back in time and give you a glimpse of history.

Silsehr Lake palace

Pandupole– A 35-foot waterfall in Sariska, Pandupole was believed to be the hiding place of the Pandavas in the 13th century. According to legend, it is the spot where Bhim, the strongest brother out of the Pandavas, defeated Hiddimb and won the hand of his sister Hiddimba in marriage.

Hanuman Temple– A grand statue of Lord Hanuman stands within a temple near the watchtower in the sanctuary. It is believed to have existed since the times of the Mahabharat. Popular among the tourists who visit Sariska, Hanuman Temple is also frequented by seemingly harmless monkeys.

Kankawari Fort– Within the buffer zone of the reserve, about 20 kilometres from the main entry gate is an old fort, Kankawari. According to history, the famous Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb, sentenced his brother, Dara Shikoh, to a permanent exile in this heavily guarded fort. Although now in ruins, the fort serves as a vantage point to view the surrounding meadows and scenic landscapes. The ride to the fort may be a bit bumpy but is definitely worth the effort!

Naldeshwar Shrine– Located on the Sariska-Alwar highway, Naldeshwar shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Vehicles cannot be taken up to the shrine, so the walk proves to be an excellent trekking expedition. The walk to the temple and the location of the temple, both are richly endowed with scenic beauty and tranquillity.

Silsehr Lake Palace– A royal palace and the boarding lodge of Royal hunters in the yesteryears, this palace has now been converted into a heritage hotel by the tourism department. The palace stands tall near Silsehr Lake which is a tourist attraction in itself. The lake was created initially to supply drinking water to the city of Alwar by the then Maharaja. Now, it is a favourite picnic spot where boating facilities are available.

Reconnect with nature

City life hardly provides an opportunity to listen to the chirping of birds in the wee hours of the morning or the music of leaves rustling in the wind. Sariska is a great destination of choice if you wish to reconnect with nature and enjoy some time in peaceful harmony, away from the din of traffic and demands of a rushed lifestyle.

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