“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”.-St. Augustine

This beautiful quote sums up the essence of travel. Is not the beautiful world like a book, with each page unveiling some untold and fascinating portion? Any parent in this world wants the best for their child and what better gift to give than the world itself. Travel is what presents the world like never before to the child. Travel is an elixir that combines the love of a mother and the guidance of a father to introduce the child to an education that no educational institution in the world can.

Why travelling is the best gift you can give your child

As a parent the best gift that one can give their child is travel and there are so many reasons why it is so. Some of the compelling reasons to not only gift your child travelling but virtually make it a way of life are as below:

One-on-One Quality Time Together

Life in the modern world of today is not what it was a few decades back. Today most of us are busy competing with each other in the rat race of life. Days and weeks whizz past as families busy with their offices and schools ride the rollercoaster of their mechanical existence. Children may have gone to bed by the time parents come home and weekends may be the only time to share a meal together. Does this not sound like a familiar scenario? It is in millions of families across India and the world. A holiday is desperately waited for to enable them to get away from the ceaseless monotony that life would have become. Frolicking on the beach with the family, cycling along a path less trodden, going on a trek, or singing and dancing together around a bonfire are priceless. These are those exquisite moments of family togetherness that are stolen from the grasp of time. It is travelling that facilitates this. The family starts seeing a different person in each other in the world far away from the stresses of everyday life. The children are the biggest benefactor as their minds are enriched by this quality time together

The Family That Travels Together Stays Together

There is a cliché that says that families that eat together stay together. In the hectic pace that most of us lead our lives, a leisurely lunch or dinner becomes a rare pleasure. The best antidote is of course to break away totally and dump the humdrum monotony of life by taking a break and traveling. Head out with the family, kids et all on a vacation. You will notice the deep bonding that will develop, kids grow closer to both parents, even marital stresses are eased out and the family moves ahead as a single unit. The psychological impact on a child is tremendous as it feels secure within the family institution. Such children grow up into well rounded personalities. So travelling is definitely a gift which in turn gifts the gift of togetherness to the child.

Travelling is the Best Education

No book, no lecture, no class anywhere in the world can gift the child the kind of education that travelling will. Travelling offers an immersive and experiential learning in an exciting and fun way that can never be replicated by any other method. The child learns about nature and how to live in harmony with it, travel exposes the child to different cultures and instils in them a tolerance and broad mindedness which makes them truly global citizens. The education that travelling gives to the child equips them to take on the mantle of the world effectively and responsibly in the future.

Is not travelling the best gift that you can give to your child?

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