An apple a day keeps the Doctor away. This is a famous proverb regarding apples which originated in Wales sometime in 1860. This adds to the myths and folklore associated with the legendary fruit which has fuelled the tastes and imagination billions across the world.

The apple state of the country

The apple state of the

In India Himachal Pradesh is dubbed as the Apple state of the country. The beautiful state surrounded by the peaks of the Himalayas and embellished with beautiful apple orchards endears itself to all and sundry. Just imagine visiting the vicinity of Shimla during the apple season and strolling among the trees laden with shiny red fruit. A scene that is straight out of a story book or from the depths of a surreal dream.

Just as fascinating as the fruit is, even more fascinating is how Himachal Pradesh emerged as the apple state of India. It was in the beginning of the 20th century that an American by the name of Samuel Evan Stokes, arrived in India to work in a Leper colony near Shimla. Later he settled in a place called Thanedar about 80 kilometres from Shimla. He procured saplings of high quality apples from Louisiana in the United States and planted them around where he lived. The rest as they say is history. Slowly Shimla and the surrounding regions of Himachal Pradesh was laden with apple trees with radiant red and golden fruits. Samuel Stokes is known as the man who introduced apples in the region but there is one more unique distinction to his credit. He is the only American who took part in India’s independence struggle and was even jailed by the British for this. He died in the year 1946 before India attained Independence, but lives on in the sweet and juicy apples that grow on the land he once walked on.

If you are in Kufri which is about 16 kilometres from Shimla, then apart from taking in the sights and experiences prescribed by the guidebooks, a trek to the nearby apple orchards is a must. While in Kufri Sterling Kufri curates wonderful experiences of discovery especially for you and these include treks to the Apple Orchards in Kufri.


A trek is always a pleasure as it gives an opportunity to bask in the beauty of nature. Nothing can beat the almost divine experience of breathing in the fresh mountain air as you trek along paths of discovery which are fringed with the beautiful gems of nature.

A trek really comes alive when the landscapes and the region is unique and offers not only great views but something different, something you will always cherish as an unforgettable experience. A trek to the apple orchards in Kufri is undoubtedly one such experience. As you stroll around the apple orchards you are treated to the beautiful sight of the trees laden with fruits. Apples of the variety Red Delicious and Golden Delicious will mesmerize you with their beauty. These are the varieties which Samuel Evan Stokes planted a hundred years ago.

A weekend getaway amongst the beautiful apple orchards of Kufri is something one would not forget in a hurry. It is indeed the stuff that dreams are made of. A trek to the apple orchards is just what the doctor prescribed for banishing those city blues and rejuvenating the mind. Probably a weekend getaway in the apple orchards is something which will definitely keep the doctor away. One may not be fortunate enough to do this daily or even weekly, but the memories of a trek to the apple orchards would surely make memories for a lifetime to cherish and revisit again and again.

As you stroll through the apple orchards of Kufri do spare a thought for the American who brought apples to Himachal Pradesh, a man named Samuel Evan Stokes, an American in Khadi. So for an experience packed with the exhilarating tastes and fragrance of fresh apples and some fascinating stories of the history of apples, block your calendars for the weekend and head to Kufri. You can also check out our blogs on the amusement parks in Kufri and the Indira Tourist Park in Kufri for places to visit while you are here.