Nestled in the district of Vellore, a tranquil and pristine hill station, Yelagiri, is an ideal place for your idea of a quick holiday. It is actually a cluster of 14 tribal villages. Easily accessible from both Chennai and Bangalore, it is an excellent destination to relax for a day or two and get back to your routine.

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Yelagiri is the best choice for people who love adventure sports as well as those who like to spend leisurely time with family and nature.

For die-hard trekkers, Yelagiri has wonderful trails like trek to Swamimalai hills (the highest peak of Yelagiri mountain range) and to the gorgeous Jalagamparai falls. For those who love mountain biking, Yelagiri spreads forth its the beautiful valleys, thick forests and winding roads like a gift from heaven. Yelagiri is also a hot spot for the adventure sport paragliding which has been actively promoted by the Government.

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People who are passionate about nature need not think twice before heading to this rustic hill station. The calm and serene Punganoor Lake with its boating activities, Nilavor Lake, Jalagampaarai falls, Nature park and Kodai Vizha Thidal are some of the best places where you can enjoy the different flora and fauna of the destination. You can also choose to enjoy a  quiet time at any of the parks or on the shores of lakes.

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For science enthusiasts, seri culturists, alternative medicine healers and others who are inquisitive about these subjects, Yelagiri is a true blessing since you can find Vaina Bappu Observatory managed by the Indian Institute of Astro Physics – Bangalore, Telescope house, Government silk farm and Government herbal farm, in and around, this little hill station.

People can also visit interesting places like Velavan temple, memorials and archeological sites of Krishnagiri which are within a short drive of an hour.

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Shopping in Yelagiri is very special since the place is famous for jackfruit and pure honey taken from natural beehives. So, for those who wish for a break from the banal routine, Yelagiri is an apt destination because it makes you feel like you are having a holy communion with nature and leaves your mind and body calm and destressed.

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