This month we celebrated the brightest, most vivid colour in the entire spectrum: yellow. No other colour can lift your mood as quickly as this sunshine colour. A splash of yellow can instantly brighten your day, lift away your stress and fill you with optimism and happiness. Yellow is a colour with a lot of religious significance. In Hinduism, yellow symbolises wisdom and happiness. Several Hindu gods are often shown wearing yellow to depict their vast knowledge. Yellow is also the colour of spring and the harvest season which is usually intertwined with many Hindu rituals. In Buddhism, yellow is a very important colour because it is worn by monks to symbolise humility. If you want to immerse yourself in the deep spiritual significance of the colour yellow, here are four important travel destinations that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Puri


The famous Jagannath temple in Puri, Odisha is so intricately constructed that it took three entire generations to be completed. This temple built in 1078 is one of the most important pilgrimage sites for Hindu devotees. As soon as you enter the temple, you will feel the sacred aura which permeates it. One of the most fascinating unexplained mysteries of the Jagannath temple is also an ode to the colour yellow. The yellow flag flying high at the top of the temple is unique in that it flies in the opposite direction of the wind. Every single a day, a priest climbs 415 feet to change the flag! When you are visiting the holy site of Jagannath, Sterling Puri is the perfect way to add more serenity to your stay. Situated close to Brahma Kumari’s ashram, it will help you soak in the peacefulness of Puri.

2. Karwar


At Karwar, you can find the perfect combination of spirituality and natural beauty. Surrounded by the green slopes of the Western Ghats, the Arabian Sea and the Kali River, Karwar is one of the most stunning travel destinations in India. Apart from activities like boating, trekking and fishing, Karwar is most famous for the beautiful heritage temples located here. The Sajjeshwara Temple has a lot of historical significance from the time of the Ramayana and attracts thousands of devotees every year. The Durga Temple at Karwar is another important religious site. The bright yellow walls add to the sacred atmosphere of the temple. At Sterling Karwar, you can fully enjoy the beauty and spirituality of Karwar in the most picturesque location by the backwaters of the Kali River.

3. Shirdi

Shirdi will draw you in with its spiritual atmosphere. It is one of the most important pilgrimage sites for devotees of Sai Baba who flock here by the thousands. His selfless dedication towards the welfare of others and humility are qualities every person should strive to embody. The colour that immediately comes to mind when you think of Sai Baba is the bright yellow colour of his robes. Sai Baba shunned all materialistic possessions and donned yellow robes as a symbol of his humility. To this day, pilgrims leave offerings of yellow flowers at the temple to show their devotion. Sterling Shirdi offers you a peaceful and comfortable stay while you embark on your spiritual journey. It is located very close to important religious sites, so you don’t face any inconveniences during your devotional pilgrimage.

4. Dharamshala

The beautiful town of Dharamshala has incredible places to visit and is one of the most important locations for Buddhists. Since the Dalai Lama resides here, it has become a place of major spiritual importance. Sitting for even a few minutes within one of the sacred Buddhist temples will fill you with inner peace and serenity. Almost everywhere you go in Dharamshala, you will see the maroon and yellow robes of Buddhist monks. These robes are a symbol of their vow to give up all worldly possessions and live a life of devotion, simplicity and humility. If you are planning a vacation to Dharamshala to take in the spirituality and natural beauty of the place, book your stay with Sterling Dharamshala. With stunning views of the Dhauladhar range, it is the perfect place from where you can enjoy the picturesque location of Dharamshala.

The many spiritual meanings of the colour yellow can best be admired at these culturally-rich travel destinations in India. Don’t forget to book your stay with Sterling to get the most out of your vacation!