Everyone loves impromptu trips, where a plan is made all of a sudden and you decide to leave instantly before it can fizzle out. Does being the parent of a newly born have to put a hamper on these trips? We don’t think so! Travelling is a great experience, not just for you but for an infant as well. Not only does it strengthen them and improve immunity to diseases, but it also helps them adjust to strange surroundings faster. However, long flights and journeys with an infant require a little more care while packing since it is vital that their requirements are met. That carry-on luggage which generally contains only a laptop and things packed in a hurry, needs to be put to use now.

We bring to you a checklist of things you MUST pack in your carry-on (for easy access), when travelling with an infant


Diapers are definitely one of the most important tools of early parenthood. Make sure you pack enough diapers for your journey. A good way to calculate how many you need is to pack one for each hour you will be travelling, and a couple extras just in case.

Baby formula, milk, juice, and water

A hungry baby is often the scariest of things during early parenthood. If you’re on a long flight or road journey where food may not always be available, ensure you are well prepared with your baby’s food. Adequate amount of baby formula and water are essential; you can also pack a bottle of juice and/or milk if your infant gets thirsty more often.

Front carrier or sling

Travel entails extensive walking, and having to carry your child in your arms while walking can be extremely tiring. A front carrier or a sling is the best way to pick your child up efficiently when doing so. It allows you freedom of movement, and also frees your hands which can be a huge relief during long stretches of walking.

Baby wipes

Baby wipes are a big help, be it during diaper changes or to wipe off spilt food or milk. Babies tend to be extremely messy eaters and travelling in a sticky car or seat can be extremely uncomfortable. Pack at least one (if not two) packets of baby wipes, along with a few dry tissues as well.

Plastic bags

This may not seem like the most urgent of needs, but on a journey where you have no continuous breaks, plastic bags are a boon. Disposing diapers, used wipes or tissues and soiled clothes all require a plastic bag at hand. Make sure to keep a couple ready for a situation like this.

A couple of your child’s favourite toys

Infants tend to get cranky when seated at a place for long periods of time. It is important (and relieving for you) to keep them entertained in order to keep their good mood in place. Carry a couple of your infant’s favourite rattles or soft toys to keep them distracted when necessary.

Baby cream, powder and hand sanitizer

Just to reiterate, babies are extremely messy, but at the same time like to feel clean. Cream and powder during diaper changes not only keep them sanitized and clean, but also help prevent rashes. Additionally, the sanitizer is for you as water and soap are not always available and sanitizers provide the best alternative in this situation.

Spare outfits

Soiled clothes can be a source of discomfort and are also very unhygienic. Be sure to carry one or two spare outfits as infants need a clothing change at least once a day, on an average. Additionally, dress them according to the weather to keep them comfortable and happy.


Babies get cold often, and to keep them warm and prevent illness, blankets are the best solution. Not only do blankets keep them cosy when asleep, they are useful to shield your baby from extreme sunlight or dust as well. Further, they are a great help while breast-feeding in a public space.

Rubber sheet

Putting your child to sleep can be a tedious process, and when they fall asleep you don’t want anything to disturb their sleep. Rubber sheets are a good way to prevent soiling any of their surroundings, and since you already have a spare set of clothes and diapers, changing them will not be a hard task either.

Take that leap of faith when planning sudden trips, but make sure to keep all these items in hand when doing so. Not only will it ensure you have a fun and worry-free trip, but will also keep your infant and you healthy and clean. You can now enjoy an instantly planned journey with your children and family while simultaneously being well prepared for it! Complement your trip by staying at a family-friendly resort, like Sterling Holidays, and make your break even more memorable.