Thekkady is a popular town having typical untouched forests and an amazing wealth of flora and fauna. The town is truly a nature lover’s paradise. The journey Thekkady gives one the opportunity to detour quaint tiny hill towns and other scenic locations. The place is a treat to the travellers because of its never-ending hills and scented spice plantations along with cardamom, tea and coffee. The nearby towns offer ample opportunities for trekking and mountain hikes. One can also visit the Kerala backwaters and take trips to the lake inside Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary.

The enchanting Kochi-Thekkady roadtrip


Located near the borders of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Thekkady is about 114 km from Madurai, 257 km from Trivandrum, 114 km from Kottayam, and 143 km from Cochin which makes it an easy access destination. In fact, the Kochi to Thekkady roadtrip is an experience in itself. Thekkady is famous for Tigers, Nilgiri Langurs, wild boars, civet, Malabar Giant Squirrel, Asian Elephants, Gaurs, Spotted Deer, Sambars, Lion-tailed Macaques, Nilgiri Tahr, Wild Dogs, Barking Deer, Stripe-necked Mongoose, Sloth Bears, etc.

A nature lover’s paradise


Thekkady is considered true heaven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. The crisp and fresh climate, amusing sceneries, lush green hills and the abundant wildlife make this place a wonderland for nature lovers and thrill seekers. People from all over the world come here to admire the beauty of this place. Out of all, the major attraction of Thekkady is the herds of elephants that one can find near the lake. Thekkady offers an ample of things to do such as boating, jeep safari, shepherding the jungle, border hiking, bamboo rafting, bullock cart discoveries, plantation tour, elephant ride, and much more. Out of all, border biking is one of the most exciting activities that allures adventure seekers.

 Border hiking


Border Hiking is an interesting trekking experience done on high slopes of the mountains covered with dense forest. It is a conservation-oriented trek which takes an entire day to complete it. The difficulty level of this trek varies from moderate to difficult as the trail passes through surging terrains. The trek usually starts daily at 8’o clock in the morning and terminates in the evening. The maximum altitude one can attain on the trek is around 1300 meters or 4265 feet. One can get a glimpse of lofty peaks, waterfalls and scenic green meadows while on the trek. Animals such as sloth bear, Gaur, elephants can also be spotted on the trail. Apart from this, beautiful birds and butterflies can be found throughout the trek.

A maximum of 10 tourists can trek together in two different groups. The groups are accompanied by two guides and an armed forest guard. As per the rules, only two border hiking groups are allowed in a day. The trekker’s age should be in between 16 – 65. The trek is conducted under the supervision of District Tourism Information Office situated at Thekkady. One can have vegetarian refreshments while en route the trek.

The beginning point of the border hike is Bamboo Groove Entrance Gate. The hike will take you to a hilltop through a strenuous uphill trail. The view from the will take your breath away. If you are a regular trekker, then the hike would be easy for you otherwise it would be a difficult one. A one day plan is perfect for the hike as it provides sufficient time to enjoy the wildlife and views of the forest.

 Best time to visit

The best time to do the hike is from September to May. During this time span, March and April are considered the ideal months if you are keen on enjoying the wildlife because these two months consist the driest time of the year due to which most of the time animals are found near the lake in the Periyar Tiger Reserve. If you have good luck, then a tiger can also be spotted near the lake. Otherwise, animals can be seen while on motorboats, watchtowers or any isolated place. June, July and August months are full of rain showers due to monsoon season. One can enjoy the lush green views and the monsoon rain by visiting the Periyar Tiger Reserve in the monsoon season.

The border hike is one of the best things to do for the people looking for some adventure in their journey. The rich and dense forest ambience and unusual sightings of animals can surely amaze people.

So adventurers, what are you waiting for? Head out to Thekkady and quench your thirst for adventure. Stay at Sterling Thekkady for the ultimate holiday experience.