Wayanad, a green and quaint paradise is settled in between the hills of the Western Ghats. The hill station is pristine, serene and has a healing atmosphere. It is also one of the most visited places in Kerala. Apart from the mesmerizing beauty of Wayanad, it also has a rich history and unique culture. The hills of Wayanad share a common border with Madhumalai Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu and Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Karnataka, making it a dream come true for wildlife enthusiasts.

The climate of Wayanad remains cool and pleasant throughout the year. The misty and cool environs make this place ideal for nature lovers. Wayanad is most popular for its lakes, lush green hills and waterfalls. Visiting the gushing waterfalls is one of the top things to do in Wayanad and will make your visit a truly awe-inspiring one. These waterfalls are ideal for family picnics, for trekking or just to take some gorgeous pictures.

These are the five most beautiful waterfalls in Wayanad you can’t afford to miss.

Soochipara Waterfall

waterfalls in wayanad

Located 23 km from Kalpetta, Soochipara is the most popular waterfall in Wayanad. Though it is not the largest one, it attracts people due to its ease of accessibility. The main waterfall is situated just a 1 km walk from the entry gate The word Soochipara means ‘Needle Rock’ which describes the shape of the 200 m rock settled nearby. It is a three-tiered waterfall and has a height of 200 feet. The first two falls are far and difficult to reach. Most people prefer to visit the fall at the bottom which is the easiest to reach and from where the water flows like a tiny stream. The waterfall is surrounded by two hills named Vellarimala and Chooralmala which are covered with dense forests. Meppadi is the nearest town to the waterfall and the drive to it is one of the best scenic drives of Wayanad. The best time to visit this fall is during the monsoon.

Kanthanpara Waterfalls

waterfalls in wayanad

Kanthanpara is another waterfall nearby, situated just a short distance from Soochipara waterfall. These waterfalls are about 30 m tall. The waterfall is tiny but beautiful, which makes it an easy trek to take your children on. Located at a short distance from the street, the waterfall is a great spot for picnics, romantic outings, and family tours. It is surrounded on all sides by tea gardens and thick plantations. It is also the only waterfall where you can reach by vehicle to the main falls. This is why these falls are perfect for tourists of all ages. The waterfall is just 22 km from Kalpetta and 8 km from Meppadi.

Meenmutty Waterfallswaterfalls in wayanad

Being the largest waterfall in the region, Meenmutty is also one of the best waterfalls to visit in Kerala. It is a three-tiered waterfall having a total height of 300 m. The bottom level can be reached after an arduous trek of two kilometers through the jungle. The next levels are more difficult and require you to be very fit. The concept behind its name, ‘Meenmutty’, is that fish are blocked here. In Malayalam, ‘meen’ means fish and ‘mutty’ means blocked. The fall is located around 29 km from Kalpetta and 12 km from Meppadi. The most ideal time to visit the waterfall is from October to May.

Chethalayam Falls

waterfalls in wayanad

Chethalayam waterfall is situated around 12 km from the beautiful village of Sultan Bathery near the Muthanga Sanctuary. This beautiful waterfall is located about 4 km inside the forest so you will require special permission to visit there. Generally, a person from the forest department accompanies the group during the visit as it is a wildlife sanctuary. One has to trek through the dense forest route to reach the falls. It is considered one of the best trekking places in Wayanad. The waterfall is tiny and remains hidden behind trees. You can only see it once you get close to it. Unlike other falls, it is a seasonal waterfall and gets dried up during the summer season.

Palchuram Waterfalls

waterfalls in wayanad

Situated at the border of Wayanad and the Kannur districts of Kerala, Palchuram is another large waterfall in the vicinity having a total height of 300 meters. Unlike other large waterfalls, it is a 4 tiered fall and has crystal clear water. This waterfall also requires a trek to reach it which can be quite risky but exhilarating for adventure seekers. The route which leads to the waterfall is surrounded by tall Areca nut trees. The waterfall is encircled by dense forests which are teeming with many species of flora and fauna. The best time to visit this waterfall is during the monsoons, when one can witness the actual beauty of this place.

So get your backpack ready and make a visit to the wonderful place of Wayanad and these mesmerizing waterfalls. Make sure you book your stay with Sterling Wayanad to spend your vacation in the lap of luxury.