Goa, in a nutshell, is like a hot Indian curry. Its varied locations add a different taste and flavour which contribute to the overall holiday experience. South Goa is one such destination. It offers a wide variety of unexplored places and activities that are a sheer joy to the senses. There are many must-visit tourist attractions in Goa. However, here is a list of some of the top things that you can experience in South Goa, that no one told you about.

Revel in the aromas and fragrances of a Spice Plantation


Spice plantation

Take a guided tour of a spice plantation in South Goa for a very interesting and satisfying evening with your family and friends. The experience is truly unique and is guaranteed to blow your mind. It starts with a traditional welcome in which you are offered a garland of exotic flowers followed by a herbal welcome drink. A well informed guide leads you through the lush plantation, explaining about the various spices grown there, ranging from clove and nutmeg to cumin and vanilla. Of course, one of the main highlights is the Cashewnut trees and the process of making the famed Goan drink – Kaju Feni. A healthy lunch cooked from the produce of the plantation is part of the package in most spice planatation visits. One of the notable spice plantations is the Sahakar Spice Farm.

Feel the adrenalin rush of a trek in the Jungles     

South Goa Jungle Trek      

Located in the Canacanoa Taluka of South Goa District is the Cotiago Wildlife Sanctuary, which consists of dense forests, inhabited by wild animals including the Mouse Deer, Four Horned Antelopes, Flying Squirrel and many more. The sanctuary is also home to tribal groups who stay in harmony with nature. Visitors are free to interact with them as well. There are also eight nature trails available for trekking, ranging from about 500 meters to 5 kilometers. One of the main attractions of the sanctuary is a treetop watch tower that reaches up to 25 meters and overlooks a watering hole where animals come to drink water. This place provides a vantage view of the wildlife, especially during dawn and dusk. A visit to this place is sure to make your wildest dreams come true.

Give Wings to your imagination at the Naval Aviation Museum


Naval aviation museum

Situated unobtrusively near the small fishing village of Bogmalo is a very interesting museum that showcases the growth of Indian Naval Aviation over the last decade. The most striking and thrilling part of the museum, is the outdoor exhibits. One can see aircrafts of all shapes and sizes lined up in the museum grounds, glistening in the sky, as if poised to fly, but alas grounded forever. The indoor section of the museum is also a great treat for people interested in aero planes and flying. This museum is only the second of its kind in India.

Take an early morning walk on the Secluded Bogmalo Beach


Bogmalo Beach

Goa is synonymous with the best beaches. However, if you are looking for seclusion and want some quite time listening to the rhapsody of the waves hitting the shore, then head out to Bogmalo beach in South Goa. There is a natural bay here where you will find yourself lost in solitude with the gushing sea, especially in the early mornings. As the sun rays create kaleidoscopic effects on the blue waters of the Arabian Sea, you can dig your heels into the soft sands, feel the fresh sea breeze on your face and take a leisurely walk by the waters. While you are here, stay at the stunning La Vida Varca for an unforgettable holiday experience in South Goa.

South Goa offers a lot more for the discerning traveler. Whether you are heading out to Goa for an all-girls trip or visiting this exotic destination with your beloved toddler, it is a must-visit for all kinds of travellers. Complement your trips with a luxurious stay at Sterling Holidays and refresh your body, mind and soul.