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Discover the Jewel of Konaseema

Blessed with sprawling paddy fields, fertile soil, palm-fringed riverbanks and vibrant culture, West Godavari was lying undiscovered until Sterling opened an abode here.

An ideal escapade from the 9-6 monotony, this river town embodies the beauty, culture and flavour of Konaseema – a delta region fondly called as the God’s own creation.

With picturesque blue isles flowing towards the Bay of Bengal, Konaseema’s culture revolves around the mighty Godavari- the second largest river in India. The serenity of farms, the charm of traditional architecture, the taste of riverside delicacies and the grandeur of ancient temples exemplifies the essence of Konaseema.

West Godavari is also home to a plethora of flora & fauna – both regional and exotic. The rich soil caressed by the waters of Godavari has nurtured the abundant vegetation in this region.

The region boasts some great discoveries and experiences too - boat cruises, island hopping, paddy cultivation, rooster farms, jaggery making and the list goes on. There’s a divine surprise for pilgrims here. In ancient mythology, this region was popular for the Ksheerarama temple, one of the Pancharama Kshetras, sacred to Lord Shiva. Devotees flock in from all parts of the country to revere the Swayambhu Lingam of the deity here. It’s believed that staying one day here is equal to staying one year in Varanasi.

The pace of life in this region flows with the sweeping meanders of Godavari, inspiring every traveller to reflect on the infinite joy & beauty of getting closer to nature.


Important Information

State: Andhra Pradesh

Destination Type: Riverside

Destinations Nearby: Rajahmundry 80 km, Vijaywada 180 km 

Languages: Telugu and English

Nearest Railway Station: Rajahmundry Railway Station

Nearest Airport: Rajahmundry


Summer: March to May. Temperature ranges between 21°C to 44°C.

Monsoon: June to September. June to September. The heavy rainfall adds a refreshing dimension to the experience.

Winter: November to February. Temperature ranges between 14°C and 31°C. 


1. Take a houseboat tour or Shikara ride along the Godavari.

2. Try your hand at fishing by the river.

3. Don't miss sampling the Andhra Cuisine or going on the Food Trails.

4. Make sure to sample the delectable Jackfruit Biriyani at Sterling Palavelli Godavari.

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