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At Sterling, our Discoveries and Experiences provide our guests with memorable holidays. Now, we are taking our Discoveries and Experiences to a new HIGH!

Experience Sterling LOCAL – our signature Resto Bar that celebrates everything desi, highlighting the local flavours, brought to life by homegrown recipes prepared by authentic local chefs.  

Now open at Sterling Ooty – Elk Hill.

Sterling Ooty - Elk Hill

The quaint colonial town of Ooty has a rich history and heritage worth hundreds of years. Sterling Ooty – Elk Hill is located overlooking Ooty's famous racecourse and features our own organic vegetable garden from where we extract ingredients for our LOCAL dishes.

Learn more about Ooty’s culture and the way of life of the indigenous communities. Sterling LOCAL features a few of the signature dishes that have been passed down through generations by these very communities.

Signature stories

A thousand words might not be enough for you to describe the truly authentic taste of a signature dish or a drink that you had – to your friends. We hope you enjoy the look of awe (or envy) in their eyes as you describe the unique food and drinks you experienced at LOCAL.
Desi Strawberry Margarita
  • Desi Strawberry Margarita

  • Mexican Tequilla meets Ooty’s Beauty
  • A blend of tequila and triple sec garnished with Ooty’s famous strawberries fresh from the farm, garnished with a naughty dash of lime. The Strawberries of Ooty give the cocktail it’s seductive red colour, the distinctive ‘Local’ flavour adding a dash of homegrown freshness from Sterling’s very own organic farm.
‘Maravalli Ver Vaatal’
  • ‘Maravalli Ver Vaatal’

  • Tapioca 'rooted' to a Grill
  • Nilgiri mountain tribes grill “Maravalli Ver” (Tapioca) over a wood fire and relish it with salt & green chilly chutney. We’ve just elevated the Tapioca a bit and provide a spicy garlic coconut dip with it. It’s a marriage made in gastronomic heaven.
‘Malaithen' Peach Whisky
  • ‘Malaithen' Peach Whisky

  • The sweet-sour trouble
  • Pure honey from the finest honeycombs of the Nilgiris, collected by the native Irulas and Kurumbas using age-old methods, serves as its most exotic, and definitive ingredient. This ‘malaithen’ (mountain honey) blended with Whisky and selected Peach syrup, results in a heady combination overflowing with flavour.
Badagas ‘Kozhi’ Fry
  • Badagas ‘Kozhi’ Fry

  • Chicken Fry Badaga Style
  • Badagas are the oldest living tribe in the Nilgiris. Presenting an authentic Badaga “Kozhi” (chicken) preparation, marinated in home-grown ‘LOCAL’ chilly and spices powder mix, and deep fried. Sinful!
‘Kinoa’ Gin & Tonic
  • ‘Kinoa’ Gin & Tonic

  • The Dawa in Daaru
  • When Quinine ('Kinoa') was given to British soldiers as an anti-malarial tonic, it was accompanied by a dash of Gin to help it go down smoother. Today, Gin & Tonic remains Ooty’s favourite poison. Raise a toast to ‘Kinoa’ Gin & Tonic, minus the bitter Quinine, replenished with Sterling’s very own homegrown basil and plum.
‘Iraal Thulaithathu’
  • ‘Iraal Thulaithathu’

  • Shrimp Satay meets Peanut Chutney
  • East meets South East as Tender “Iraal” (shrimp) is marinated lovingly in Thai spices and “Thulaithathu” (skewered) before being grilled. Served with its favorite dip of Peanut Chutney this dish is guaranteed to make you s(a)tay on and indulge your taste buds!
Vodka Tomato ‘Mara-thillo’
  • Vodka Tomato ‘Mara-thillo’

  • Bloody Mary on a Tree
  • When 'Marathakalli' (Tree Tomatoes), better known as Tamarillo known for their health benefits, become a garnish in your Vodka, with pickle and chillies thrown in for scintillating effect, a unique cocktail called Vodka Tomato ‘Mara-thillo’ is born.
‘Coco Mittai’ Martini
  • ‘Coco Mittai’ Martini

  • Ooty’s White Christmas
  • While no visit to Ooty is complete without a taste of its divine homemade LOCAL chocolates, a unique way to enjoy the experience has to be through the ‘Coco Mittai’ (White Chocolate) Martini, crafted with pristine white chocolate rich with the flavour of home, with a generous dose of vodka to lower your inhibitions, and surrender.
‘Nilagiri Theneer’ & Gin
  • ‘Nilagiri Theneer’ & Gin

  • Nilgiri’s High Tea
  • Sink into this heartwarming Gin blended with 'Theneer' (Green Tea), prepared from fresh tea leaves from Ooty, garnished with organic rosemary and cucumber. A brisk, fragrant tea laced with the high of your favourite Gin, the Camellia Sinensis tea leaf, not only carries its own GI tag but carries this exquisite cocktail.

Celebrate the Desi flavor

Visit Sterling LOCAL!
You could read about these drinks and dishes the whole day, but nothing beats you’re actually landing up at LOCAL and starting on a whole new culinary journey. Embark on a wonderful culinary adventure and discover Ooty like you’ve never done before.