Bullock Cart: Riding a Maatu Vandi

The gentle sway of the bullock cart, the pleasing smell of hay, the chatty driver – all come together in Thekaddy to transport you back in time.

Bullock Cart: Riding a Maatu Vandi

The border between Tamil Nadu and Kerala has always been quite porous. People, ideas and culture travel to and fro, leading to a rich exchange. At Thekkady, a town sitting right at the border, you are likely to find that this amalgamation is quite evident.

Thekkady is small, charming, and beautiful town. The people are warm, and life unfolds at its own pace here. The road through the reserve forest leads to Lower Camp. This is the first village in Tamil Nadu after the descent from Thekkady, Kerala. Fields of coconut and paddy stretch for miles on end. And there are plenty of bullock carts to ferry people around.

The ride will take you through the grape vineyards and vegetable farms, past fishermen at work by the river. The stark contrast between the calm of Thekkady and the energy here gets more enjoyable with every passing minute.

A highlight of this experience would include eating Keeravadai (deep-fried spinach-lentil cake) from the roadside hawker-style shops. A real treat.

Good to Know :

Location: 9 km drive from Sterling Thekkady