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Holidays are the best way to bond with your loved ones, and Sterling Vantage, our Membership product, is the ideal way to do it. It is your commitment to togetherness and discoveries. With Vantage, you can enjoy future holidays at today's prices. Pay once and discover a wide range of resorts, destinations and curated experiences for the next 10 years. Vantage provides you with a Decade of Discoveries and a Lifetime of Memories.

Wide Resort Network

Wide Resort Network

  • Wide Resort Network

  • Over 40 best-in-class resorts at popular as well as offbeat destinations and continuously expanding; put ‘everywhere’ on your bucket list.
Varied Destination Experiences

Varied Destination Experiences

  • Varied Destination Experiences

  • Mountains, beaches, jungles, waterfront, heritage, pilgrimage or drive-to – choose from a variety of holiday experiences at diverse destinations.
Holiday Around the World

Holiday Around the World

  • Holiday Around the World

  • Access more than 4,000 resorts in over 100 countries at Indian prices through RCI (Resorts Condominiums International).
Spacious Rooms

Spacious Rooms

  • Spacious Rooms

  • Designed for families, our apartments are tastefully appointed with top-notch amenities and are sizeable, unlike cramped hotel rooms.


  • Kid-friendly

  • Spend quality time with your partner while your kids are having fun and are taken care of at our Holiday Activity Centre.
Flexible Points System

Flexible Points System

  • Flexible Points System

  • We understand that your holiday needs can change every time. With Vantage our unique points based membership, enjoy complete flexibility of season, apartment type, multiple rooms and short breaks.
A Gift of Joy

A Gift of Joy

  • A Gift of Joy

  • As a Vantage member, gift your loved ones a memorable holiday. Or gift them an entire membership.
Join our Happy Holiday Family

Join our Happy Holiday Family

  • Join our Happy Holiday Family

  • Over 100,000 families are enjoying great holidays with Sterling membership for over 3 decades. Join them now.
Hassle-free Holidays

Hassle-free Holidays

  • Hassle-free Holidays

  • As a member, just choose where and when you want to holiday and leave the rest to us. From transfers to holiday planning, we enable hassle-free holidays all the way!


Choice of Accommodation

Families come in all shapes and sizes. So do our rooms. Choose the one that best suits your family. At most resorts of Sterling, you get to choose from three types of accommodation according to your holiday needs.

Two Bedroom Accommodation

Two Bedroom

Take comfort to a whole new level as you stay in this spacious apartment. Two bedrooms with king sized beds and a separate living area with a double sofa cum bed. Accommodates a maximum of 6 adults.

One Bedroom Accommodation

One Bedroom

Well-appointed and spacious apartments with superior facilities. Comes with a king sized bed and a separate living area replete with a double sofa cum bed. Accommodates a maximum of 4 adults.

Studio Accommodation


Large apartment-type room equipped with modern amenities. With a twin or queen bed and a single sofa cum bed. Accommodates a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children or 3 adults.

Choice of Seasons

You can choose your holiday in one of the four seasons mentioned below

Peak holiday season

Peak holiday season. Think Christmas and New Year.


Popular holiday season. School and college holidays.


Extended weekends or periods of time ideal for short getaways.


For those who enjoy quiet holiday getaways.

Membership Introduction Points

Introduction of Points

Your dream Holiday is unique to you and as every holiday is different so are the needs. What’s more, over a period of time, your needs are going to change in many ways. And that is specifically why, we have designed Sterling Vantage with complete flexibility to take care of your ever-changing holiday needs. Vantage is based on points and gives you full control to utilise the membership as per your requirement. Consider the points like “holiday currency.” You can purchase points as per your current needs, which will get deposited in your account every year for 10 years. Choose a larger accommodation and burn more points, or a smaller accommodation and burn less. Travel in peak season or off, with more friends or with your family – you burn as much points as you need. Not able to use up your points in a year? You can accumulate it and use it in subsequent years. Alternately, need to use more points and take a longer vacation, borrow points from the next year. Take shorter breaks or book multiple rooms, use your points as per your changing holiday needs. And simply upgrade if you find you need more points to fulfill your needs. In short: Sterling Vantage = Vantastic Vacations.

Holiday Across the World with RCI

The Sterling Membership gives you the choice of holidaying at more than 4000 resorts in over 100 countries around the world through the affiliation with RCI (Resort Condominiums International) – the world’s largest holiday exchange network. The best part is that you get to holiday in international destinations at domestic prices. Be it short-haul vacations to nearby destinations like Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia, or further afield in exotic locations across Europe, the US or Australia – you will feel spoilt for choice.

Membership Holiday with RCI

Sterling Discoveries

We, at Sterling are creating curated experiences for holidayers, both within and outside the resort, by facilitating experiences in local cuisine, culture, history, nature, adventure etc. From night safaris to authentic culinary experiences and culture trails, Sterling is seeking to offer guests many ways to holiday differently.

  • Find time to unwind, relax and enjoy your holidays. Take a break and travel #HolidayDifferently with us to experience the #Sterling State of Mind.

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  • Indulge in delicious Darjeeling flavours and discover the local cuisine. Savour authentic momos, steamed to perfection, with piping hot Thukpa when you holiday at Sterling. #HolidayDifferently with #Sterling. Watch the video to know more.

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  • We go local! Take home incredible memories as you discover #LocalCulture with Sterling. Book now to experience every destination like a local with Sterling. #HolidayDifferently

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  • Travel to #SterlingMunnar and get a feel of all the history this place has witnessed. Travel back in time with Sterling.

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  • Cars and bikes are too mainstream. It is always exhilarating to try something new and let the adrenaline hit you. At #Sterling, experience different modes of commute like skiing, hot air balloons, skateboards, cable cars, dirt bikes, etc.

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  • Popular for its majestic mountains and scenic beauty, Manali offers a soothing and rejuvenating experience to its travellers. Picturesque valleys, misty mountains and gushing waterfalls, make it the ideal destination for nature lovers. Get inspired and #rockontherocks when you are at #SterlingManali

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video - Elyas Panwala Entrepreneur, Rajkot
video - Shahed Musa Businessman, Bengaluru
video - Nishith Chakal Accountant, Mumbai
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Sanjiv Chawla

Fashion Designer, Delhi

We always look forward to our holidays with Sterling. Our recent experience visiting Sterling Corbett and Nainital was excellent. The helpful staff at Sterling ensured that my family and I had a memorable stay.

Namrata Mahajan

Investor, Bengaluru

As a member since ’95, I recommend Sterling’s service as it has been the best throughout. Kid- friendly and homely, clean with helpful co-operative staff.

Nainesh Udeshi

Businessman, Mumbai

Thanks to Sterling, I have explored many destinations within a short period. The service is great and I look forward to many years of happy holidays.



Buying Sterling Vantage is the smartest way to holiday. Vantage is a unique points-based membership. It gives you complete flexibility to choose the type of accommodation and season of your holiday every year.

Sterling has resorts located in a wide variety of destinations – hills, beaches, jungles, riverside, and heritage locations. Our list of destinations is a mix of popular and unexplored locations and is continuously expanding.

Sterling resorts are full service, designed for families of all sizes. Large, well-appointed apartments and rooms, multi cuisine restaurants, activity centers, swimming pools and spas make your holiday experience unique and complete.

When you buy Vantage Membership plan, you actually buy points. Different plans give you different numbers of points. Once you purchase the membership plan, the equivalent number of points are credited to your account every year for 10 years.

Let us say you have purchased a plan that entitles you to 1,350 points every year. Every year, you will have 1,350 points at your disposal. You can use these to take holidays with different combinations of season and apartment type. Each combination of season and apartment is equivalent to a specific value of points per night. Think of this as redeeming your annual quota of points to get your desired holidays. You can also accumulate, advance or split points to suit your holiday needs.


You can exchange your Vantage points for a stay at any Sterling Resort of your choice for any duration you like.  Here is how it works:

Let us say you have purchased a plan that entitles you to 1,350 points. This is equivalent to 9 nights in a hotel room (a hotel room is 150 points/night during the super peak season), during super peak season, for one year.

Alternatively, let us say you want to take a quick weekend break with just your partner and want a studio apartment during the lean season. This would use only up to 70 points/night. So, for two nights you burn 140 of your 1,350 points.

Or maybe you want to holiday with the kids and extended family during summer break and need two studio apartments. No worries! A Studio during peak season burns 165 points/night. This means that you can get up to four nights in 2 Studio rooms by using 1,320 out of your 1,350 points.

Every year, you have complete freedom to use your annual points in any manner that suits you and your family. Whether you take multiple short breaks or want one long holiday in a year, you can choose any season and type of accommodation you like.

Conventional timeshare models bind you to a fixed season, apartment type and sometimes a location. Sterling Vantage, on the other hand, allows you the flexibility to design your itinerary. You can choose where and when you want to go and also, how much time you want to spend there and in what kind of accommodation you want to stay in.

Purple: Peak holiday season. Think Christmas and New Year.Purple: Peak holiday season. Think Christmas and New Year.

Red: Popular holiday season. School and college holidays.

White: Extended weekends or periods of time ideal for short getaways.

Blue: For those who enjoy quiet holiday getaways.

  Seasons  2 Bedroom 1 Bedroom Studio Hotel Room
Purple  480 points/night   300 points/night   240 points/night   150 points/night 
Red  340 points/night  212 points/night 165 points/night 106 points/night
White  210 points/night  140 points/night 110 points/night 70 points/night
Blue  160 points/night  90 points/night 70 points/night 45 points/night

At most resorts of Sterling, you get to choose from three types of accommodation according to your holiday needs.

Hotel room: Typical hotel room equipped with modern amenities. With a twin or queen bed. Up to 2 adults.

Studio: Apartment-type room equipped with modern amenities. With a twin or queen bed and a single sofa cum bed. Up to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children.

One Bedroom:  Living room with double sofa cum bed and kitchenette plus one bedroom, equipped with modern amenities. Up to 4 adults or a couple with teenagers.

Two Bedroom: Living room with double sofa cum bed and kitchenette plus two bedrooms, equipped with modern amenities. Up to 6 adults.

Note: Children above 12 are considered adults. Two children below 12 are considered as one adult.

The sofa-cum-bed in the living room helps convert it into a bedroom to accommodate the maximum number of people as seen in the table above. 

You can experience the Sterling way of holidaying by buying a minimum 600 points Sterling Vantage plan. This basic plan entitles you to a 600 points every year for the next 10 years. You can use these points to take holidays as per your needs according to the points chart given in the response above. You can choose other plans as well, with an increasing number of points, depending on how and when you would like to holiday.

Yes, you have to purchase them at one go. We have several convenient payment options, so you never have to compromise on a family holiday ever again. You can also upgrade and buy additional points as your family expands or your holiday needs increase.


Think of the Annual Subscription Fee as a nominal maintenance charge that you pay every year. This fee goes towards the maintenance and upkeep of the resorts, refurbishment, and upgrading of the facilities. The ASF helps us give you access to the best facilities and amenities and ultimately ensures a great holiday experience

The Sterling Membership model offers you the flexibility to holiday as much or as little as you want. Here’s how it works:

  1. Carry Forward: In case you are not able to take a holiday during a particular year, the unutilized points of that year will be added to your next year’s entitlement. Points can be accumulated up to a maximum value of twice the annual benefit. Beyond this, excess points will lapse. As a good practice, we encourage you to plan your holidays with us well in advance to ensure that none of your points expire.
  2. Advancing: In case you would like to utilize more points in a particular year, you can use some of next year’s entitlement of points in the current year.
  3. Split: You can split your entitlement and take multiple holidays within the same year. You can book a minimum of 2 nights in Blue and White Season. Or book a minimum of 3 nights in Red and Purple Season. Enjoy your Sterling holidays, just the way you want

We offer EMI as well as one-time payment options. You can pay using cheques, drafts and credit cards.

The Sterling Membership points can be used at all Sterling Notified Resorts. You can also use the points to book a holiday and exchange it through RCI (Resort Condominiums International) to holidays at any of the 4,000+ RCI affiliated resorts in more than 100 countries around the world.

Yes, you can authorise any adult to use your holiday entitlement by notifying the company at the time of reservation and paying the appropriate guest fees.

Yes, you can transfer the Sterling Membership and even bequeath it by notifying the company and paying the appropriate transfer fee. Transfer of membership is possible only after the payment for the membership has been completed.


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