White Water Rafting

Turn on the adventure junkie in you and experience a wild and thrilling rafting session.

White Water Rafting

Of all the rivers in India landmass, the Ganga is the most sacred and stunning. It originates from Gaumukh within the Garhwal region of the Himalayas, forming a great watercourse for white water rafting. Rafting here is a remarkable experience and one to cherish. To ride these rapids is an adventurous activity and it is as thrilling as it is safe. The guides here are extremely seasoned and teach you the basic paddling techniques and safety measures. In areas where the water flow is gentle, one can go in for a body surf. Refreshment centres can be found enroute to the river at Diving Rocks.


Good to Know :

Byasi to Shivpuri 25KM - INR 1500/- PP

Shivpuri to Nim Beach 16KM - INR 1000/- PP

Brampuri to Nim Beach 11KM - INR 700/- PP


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