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Why Holidays Matter!

Everyone likes to holiday. But often the demands of life lead to putting holiday plans on hold. There are just so many priorities – workplace stresses; household budgets; and financial planning to secure the future. With so many demands on time and money, holidays tend to get de-prioritised. Whereas, the fact of the matter is that keeping aside the time and money for regular holidays is crucial for family and personal well-being.

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    The Healing Power of Frequent Holidays

    In today’s frenetic world, holidays play an important role in reducing stress, bringing about relaxation and regaining perspective on life through a change in pace and scenery. So, holidays are good for our physiological and psychological well-being. What’s more, post a holiday, we return to our life’s responsibilities refreshed and recharged, making us more productive.

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    Discovering Real Life

    Why do we seek to be surrounded by Mother Nature’s creations on holiday? We may not realise it but being amongst Nature results in a feeling of being connected with the Universe. Also, Nature soothes our soul much like a mother soothing her children. Holidays allow us to go trekking, bird watching, explore the flora and fauna of different regions, experience different culinary delights, and get to know the culture and life rhythms of people from various parts of the country and world. Holidays help us expand our understanding of life.

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    Building Family Bonds

    Happy Holidays bring families and loved ones together to strengthen and celebrate relationships that matter. Happy Holidays happen when families and friends get together in beautiful settings and discover just how magical life can be. We get transformed while on a holiday. In many ways, the relaxed us on a holiday is our ‘true’ and more likeable self. Children are often amazed at seeing the fun side of their dad or mom bringing them closer to their parents. It’s true! Frequent holidays with family strengthen relationships as people get to know each other better through quality time and unforgettable, precious moments. Sterling Vacation Ownership members often talk about how their investment in Sterling’s Vacation Ownership Membership has built a lifetime of precious family memories. Click here to listen to what one long-time member – the Phatwa family – has to say.

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    Teaching Children About Life

    Urban living deprives children of both space and time. The constant rushing through timetables crammed with school, coaching and other developmental activity classes leads to children relying on only text books and electronic media to explore the world. That results in merely a remote and virtual sense of life. Children need to understand the way life functions first hand. This is where regular, well-planned holidays have an important role to play. Imagine watching a child’s eyes fill with wonder at her or his first sight of a river gushing down a mountain? Or when she or he sees an elephant up close enough to touch it? Such experiences are important in the all-round development of children as it’s learning by doing. Think about it. And we would agree that regular holidays with children are an investment in their education and upbringing. Watch the video where Sudha Seshadri describes what she learnt about the importance of taking children out on holiday

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    Health Restorative

    Several research studies have established that holidays have healing power, besides reducing burnout. A rested body and relaxed mind on holiday also helps think through troubling life issues, often placing them in perspective and helping resolve them. Then there’s the simple fact that vacations help catch up on sleep and exercise – two great restoratives of health! On holiday, the clean air and greenery also work as stimulants, energizing tired systems. Think about your last holiday. Did any chronic disorder such as back pains, stomach problems or troubling headaches disappear? Well, that was the power of a relaxed mind and body. Yes, a holiday is often the best remedy a doctor could prescribe.

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    Unveiling India and the World. One Holiday at a Time

    We live in a magnificent world full of marvels created by Nature and humankind. Regular, well planned holidays through a Sterling Vacation Ownership Membership helps discover the wonders on offer across India and the globe. You haven’t lived unless you have experienced the beauty of snow clad mountains, the mystique of jungles, the stark beauty of the deserts, and the peace of palm fringed beaches. And you haven’t lived till you have stood before the awe inspiring monuments built by our ancestors, filled with wonder as to how they achieved the feat of beauty without the help of modern day machines. Reach for life. Reach for a Sterling Vacation Ownership Membership plan, which will help you unveil the wonders of India and the world, one holiday at a time!

There are many good reasons to keep aside the time for frequent holidays. And one of the best ways to plan for regular holidays is by investing in a Sterling Vacation Ownership Membership plan. Sterling members such as Dr. Himanshu Mehta of Vission Eye Care, Mumbai, acknowledge that becoming a Sterling member has served to ensure that family vacation time is planned.

Click here to listen to Dr. Mehta talk about how the membership has helped him.

Discover Vacation Ownership

There are many investments you make to assure a comfortable, safe life for your family and self. You provide for a nice house, material household comforts, a good education for your children, save to celebrate a child’s marriage and so on and so forth. But have you considered providing for the creation of a lifetime of beautiful, cherished moments that bring the family together and give you something to look back on and smile?
We know you love travelling with your family. It brings you together, gives you that break you need from daily routine and refreshes you completely. But with rising costs, travelling frequently to exotic destinations and enjoying them in style and comfort becomes a challenge.
Yet, if you think about it, some of the most cherished memories are created while on holidays. But, holidaying regularly becomes a challenge with so many demands on the household budget and other constraints such as time.
That’s where owning a Vacation Ownership membership works. It takes away the worry over planning regular holidays.

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    Pay Once. Holiday Often.

    When you own a Vacation Ownership Membership, you have already paid for your holidays upfront for an agreed tenure. Thereafter, you can holiday at any one of the Company’s resorts across the country. Just imagine. You can take regular holidays every year for 25 years. That’s right Sterling’s Vacation Ownership plans offer a tenure of 25 years. The best part is that you get to holiday at current prices - your holidays are now inflation-proof.

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    Future vacations at today's prices

    According to the World Tourism Council, hotel tariffs increase at an average of a little over 5% every year. Vacation Ownership is a hedge against inflation as your future vacation costs in terms of room tariffs are locked in at today's prices. Essentially, you are paying upfront for your holidays for the next 25 years. It is important to note here that all Vacation Ownership members pay an Annual Service Fee to cover the upkeep and maintenance of the resorts they enjoy holidaying in. Even then, it has been established that Vacation Ownership members enjoy more affordable holidays by locking in their vacations at today’s prices. Click here to listen to Mr. Sabharwal, a Sterling member’s views on the subject.

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    Design Your Holidays

    When you own a Vacation Ownership membership, it also allows you to choose your destination, season and type of accommodation. This flexibility is made possible by Sterling because of a unique Points based system. Every time you plan a holiday, you can choose any of the destinations in the Sterling Holidays network or that are available worldwide through the optional Resort Condominium International (RCI) membership. Then, simply trade in your Vacation Ownership Points for accommodation in a destination and resort apartment of your choice.

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    Holiday Around the World

    With a Vacation Ownership membership, you have access to a wide network of resorts in beautiful destinations across India and the world through the additional feature of an exchange platform such as the one offered by Resort Condominium International (RCI). Just opt for a RCI membership and you can plan to take your family on overseas holidays as well!

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    Spacious Apartments

    When you are a vacation ownership plan owner, you have the flexibility of opting for larger accommodation to suit the needs of a growing family. So, for instance, you can plan ahead and opt to buy a vacation ownership plan that allows you to holiday in a 2-bedroom apartment. The beauty is that you can use your points to holiday in a smaller-sized apartment when your kids are younger – say, a Studio or 1-bedroom apartment and then when your children become teenagers and require their own space, use the 2-bedroom. That way you can stretch your points initially for more number of holidays and yet, when you need larger-sized accommodation, you have it without having to pay for the extra room. That’s why we talk about inflation-proof holidays in our industry. With a hotel, you really can’t do that as you would need to book more number of rooms to achieve the same purpose and that too, at current tariffs. *Terms & Conditions apply.

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    Flexibility in Usage

    There are other user friendly features of a Sterling Vacation Ownership Membership plan. There will be times when you wish you could have an extended family reunion at a beautiful, full-service resort in a scenic destination. At such times, you can borrow Points from the next two years of your Membership with Sterling. Then, there may be times when you are just too tied-up to utilize the membership in any one year. Not to worry. Your Points won’t go waste as the Sterling Vacation Ownership Membership allows you to accumulate your Points for 1 + 2 years as well!

There are so many good reasons to purchase a Sterling Vacation Ownership Membership plan. But the best reason is, of course, creating so many beautiful memories year after year. Why wait? Ask for a Sterling Sales Executive to meet you today and explain the membership options and payment plans available in more detail.

The Sterling Advantage

A Sterling Vacation Ownership member enjoys the assurance that
he has signed up with the right Company for his holidays.

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    A Pioneer and Leader

    Sterling Holiday Resorts is the acknowledged pioneer of the Vacation Ownership industry in India. Established in 1986, Sterling currently has over 78,000 Vacation Ownership members who enjoy frequent holidays in the Company’s network of 24 resorts across India and in over 4000 resorts worldwide through the Resort Condominium International (RCI) exchange platform.

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    A Multinational Company

    Sterling is in the process of merging and then becoming a 100% independently managed subsidiary of Thomas Cook (India) Limited (TCIL), India’s leading integrated travel and travel related financial services company. TCIL is a part of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, a $38.2 billion global investment and insurance holding company, headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Fairfax’s portfolio of companies includes several well-known global companies in the insurance, re-insurance and restaurant chains sectors. In India, Fairfax has a majority holding in TCIL, and has also co-promoted ICICI Lombard. In 2012, through its Indian investment business, Fairbridge, Fairfax stepped up its pace of acquisitions commencing with TCIL, and subsequently Ikya Human Capital Solutions and most recently, Sterling Holidays Resorts Private Limited.

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    Wide Network of Resorts with Stunning Views of Beautiful Locales

    Sterling has a network of 24 resorts in India’s most scenic locales, with more to be added soon. What’s more, almost all Sterling resorts are located to command stunning views of the destinations they are in.

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    Safe Holidays

    The Sterling family comprises over 78,000 happy members. So, when you become a Sterling member, you become part of one big family and form many friendships over the years. More important, being part of the Sterling family, you are assured of a feeling of being at home when on holiday at one of Sterling’s resorts. Click here to listen to what the Gambhir and Maitra family has to say about feeling at home. Indeed, many Sterling members ask “Is there a Sterling resort” when thinking of destinations they would like to holiday in.

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    Fun Filled Holidays

    A Sterling Vacation Ownership Membership trumps all other holiday options for the simple reason that unlike conventional hotels, Sterling’s product and service has been designed bearing in mind the needs of the entire family from senior citizens to children. This is evident in the resort design, choice of accommodation type to suit varying family sizes, holiday activities, the F&B choices on offer and a service that is designed to engage everyone. Sterling designs its Holiday Activities to engage different age groups while ensuring that there are also activities that engage the family unit together. For example, there are indoor games for children of all age groups, an outdoor play area for the little ones, board games for senior citizens, sightseeing trips and safaris for the whole family. On most evenings, Sterling also organizes evening entertainment that involves all age groups. Thus, Sterling ensures that the entire family has a holiday filled with memorable, interesting and fun moments to go into their Holiday Memory bank!

Now that you know so much about the advantages of becoming a Sterling Vacation Ownership member, isn’t it time you came on board and joined our happy family of over 78,000 members? Don’t wait. Just fill in the enquiry form and we will send a Sterling Sales Executive to meet you and explain the membership options and payment plans available in more detail.



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