Siliserh: Watch the Sun Go Down

Siliserh Lake is a picturesque artificial lake located near Sariska National Park. Built by Maharaja Vinay Singh in 1845, the lake was initially created to serve as a water reservoir for the residents of Alwar and its surrounding areas.

Siliserh: Watch the Sun Go Down

Siliserh Lake is surrounded by hills and dense forests, creating a serene and scenic environment. The lake also features the Siliserh Lake Palace, a former royal palace constructed on its embankment. The palace, now converted into a heritage hotel, adds to the charm of the location.

Visitors to Siliserh Lake can enjoy activities such as boating on the lake, taking in the breathtaking views, and exploring the historic Siliserh Lake Palace. The lake is a popular spot for nature lovers, birdwatchers, and those seeking a tranquil escape in the midst of natural beauty.

Good to know:

Around 40 kms and about an hour’s drive to the Siliserh lake from the Sterling resort.

It is open from 7 am to 7 pm.