Kerala Sadhya: The Culinary Art of being Grateful

Want to indulge in authentic Kerala cuisine? Let our Chef cook you a Sadhya - delicacies from the land, while you take in the sights around the Sterling Munnar resort.

Kerala Sadhya: The Culinary Art of being Grateful

When in Kerala, it is only fitting to indulge in a Sadhya - a feast for the Gods. In a country that equates guests to God, Sadhya is a respectful offering of traditionally cooked food to guests, especially on festivals like Onam. It is also a way of being grateful to nature for a bountiful harvest. Sterling Munnar offers an exquisite Sadhya experience to its guests. Make sure you enjoy it during your stay.

This sumptuous spread is a grand meal best enjoyed at midday. Food is served in a traditional style on a plantain leaf - best enjoyed if you eat with your hands. You can find a variety of dishes, and there is a specific, scientific order to service just like an entree, mains and dessert. 

It all starts with Paruppu or smooth golden lentils with ghee. From then on, a delightful array of dishes are served on the top half of the leaf - each with a unique taste to whet your appetite. Pachadi is an aromatic variant of the Raita followed by the mildly sour Pulissery, the sweet pineapple Kichadi and the vegetable dishes - Kalan, Olan, Thoran, Avial, Upperi and tangy Puli Inji (tamarind-ginger pickle). This balance of flavours is typical of traditional Kerala cuisine. Healthy, hand-pounded red rice served hot with Sambar, Rasam and curd or buttermilk follows. A fitting finale to a festive spread can only be a dessert. The Sadhya ends on a high note with Pazham (fruit), and Payasam, a sweet preparation. The payasam could be a Pal ada pradhaman - rice flour flakes in delicately-flavoured thickened milk or a Paruppu payasam - made with jaggery, lentils and coconut milk.

The pleasure of eating off a leaf, using one’s fingers to mix and meld subtle flavours is like creating one’s own culinary poetry. A grand experience like this is not to be missed.

Good to Know: 

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