Discover Artisan Villages : Raghurajpur and Pipili

Odisha is a treasure trove of exquisite handicrafts and traditional art forms. It upholds the rich legacy of an ancient culture. A short distance from Puri are villages where craft is the sole source of livelihood.

Discover Artisan Villages : Raghurajpur and Pipili

Odisha is a land of artists. Pattachitra, filigree, weaving, and applique work are just a few of its art forms. Hidden amidst the bustling cities are tiny villages. Each specialize in one art form, in an attempt to preserve the ancient techniques and culture of the region.

Raghurajpur is one such heritage village, 18 km from Sterling Puri. This village is known for Pattachitra and the dance form of Gotipua. Pattachitra is a traditional form of scroll painting. Most of these paintings depict stories from the scriptures or the epics.

It is a good idea to walk through the village and stop by the houses to see the interesting works of art. From the traditional paintings on palm leaves, to newer adaptations on coconuts, wood, paper and canvas, just a casual stroll through the village is like a course in art appreciation. However, the only way to truly understand and appreciate their skill and perseverance is to watch them work and take some home with you.

Pipili, 44 km away, on the way to Bhubaneshwar, is another village of craftsmen. It is known for its applique work. Bits of cloth are painstakingly stitched together to create intricate patterns and beautiful works of art. Stroll through the marketplace and visit various shops that line the road to pick up pieces of applique and other art forms.

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