Odisha: The Dance and Music Festival Hub

During the cooler winter months, Odisha comes alive with festivals devoted to traditional music and dance.

Odisha: The Dance and Music Festival Hub

Odisha is the hub of music and dance festivals.

The world renowned Puri festival begins in December and focuses on sand art. This festival draws participation and visitors from all parts of the country and the world.

The Rajarani Music Festival held each year in January in Bhubaneshwar is for the musically inclined. It draws visitors and performers from across the world. This festival is dedicated to different forms of classical music - Carnatic, Hindustani and traditional Odissi music.

The Sisupalgarh Mahotsav, also held in January in Bhubaneshwar features artists performing contemporary music as well as drama.

Another dance festival is held near the Mukteshwar Temple, in the second week of January, every year. The Mukteshwar Dance festival focuses on the Odissi dance style.

The Konark Dance Festival is held in February for 5 days each year against the backdrop of the Konark temple. It is a feast for the senses. This is an internationally acclaimed dance festival. It showcases classical, folk and tribal dance forms of India. It draws performers from across the globe and gives every genre a platform. Watching the graceful movements of the dancers match the fluidity of the sculptures, is indeed a remarkable experience.

Its a great idea to visit Puri and experience some of these festivals.

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Konark Temple: 43 km from Sterling Puri
Rajarani Temple: 62 km from Sterling Puri
Mukteshwar Temple: 62.5 km from Sterling Puri