Banasura Sagar Dam: The Largest Earthen Dam in India

The largest earthen dam in India! Banasura Dam in the misty hills of Wayanad, is treasured by trekkers and nature lovers.

Banasura Sagar Dam: The Largest Earthen Dam in India

Banasura Sagar Dam is an architectural wonder as it is an earthen dam, made entirely of mud. It is also the largest earthen dam in India. Popularly known as Banasura Dam, it attracts a good crowd throughout the year. It is a place for nature lovers and trekkers. Quite often, you can see families picnicking in the beautiful flower garden beside the dam.

The water from River Panamaram, a tributary of River Kabini, flows into the dam. The dam was built for the Kakkayam Hydroelectric Power Project, to help with irrigation for nearby villages.

The dam is situated between beautiful green valleys, and the view from the dam is magical. There are interesting rock formations in the area. You can go for a speedboat ride here or trek on a trail too. From the top, you get a spectacular view of the mist-covered hills of Wayanad and the valley below.

While at Wayanad, Banasura Sagar Dam is one place that you should not miss.


Good to Know:

Location: 53 km from Sterling Wayanad

Best Time to Visit: September to April