Phantom Rock: A Natural Wonder or Man-Made?

Walk up to watch a mysterious phantom skull overlooking the green valleys of Wayanad.

Phantom Rock: A Natural Wonder or Man-Made?

Phantom Rock is situated 2600 feet above sea level, on the way to Ambalavayal from Wayanad. The rock resembles the skull of a human and its name is inspired by the evergreen Phantom comics. Locally the place is called 'Cheengeri Mala.' There are well-connected roads to reach this place, but the last 500 meters is a trek on foot.

Phantom rock is a popular destination amongst trekkers and hikers because it has a good trail which leads up to a great viewpoint. If you’re not the adventurous type, you can see it from afar, as you stop on the highway to sip a cup of Chai (tea).

It is not known whether this is a natural formation or man made. Was it an ancient place of worship? Is it a tomb? Some things make you wonder, and Phantom Rock is definitely one of them. 


Good To Know:

Location: 20 km from Sterling Wayanad

Best Time to visit: October to May

Follow the guidelines for photography. Keep children safe.