Pottery Barn - Play with Clay

A creative experience awaits you at the Pottery Barn. Here, you will be able to work with the local artisans to sift out clay and create handcrafted masterpieces.

Pottery Barn - Play with Clay

If the serenity and solace of Wayanad call out to the artist in you, then pottery at Sterling Wayanad is an experience for you to indulge in.

From choosing the clay to preparing it and from sculpting it to hardening it, the process is therapeutic. These sessions are organised in collaboration with the local artisans, who are patient teachers. A skilled artisan normally creates about 20 pieces of artefacts on a daily basis.

In its raw form, clay seems like bedrock. It needs to be treated and kneaded with water to make a moldable mass. Each piece is carefully crafted on the potter’s wheel, and every design is inspired by nature. For jewellery and clay tiles, clay is mixed with water and made into moulds. Some pottery craft also involves baking the items in a kiln while the clay still rests in the mould. These are then painted while some are left in their earthy colours to retain their natural beauty.

Contact Sterling Wayanad Holiday Activities Center or front desk for pottery experiences.