Corbett : A Paradise for Bird Lovers

Birdlife International declared Jim Corbett National Park as an "Important Bird Area" (IBA), as it is the natural habitat of over 550 species of birds. Come and explore.

Corbett : A Paradise for Bird Lovers

While the Royal Bengal Tiger rules the forest floor, the skies of Corbett and its treetops are crowned by colourful, feathered friends.

If you are a birdwatcher or a wildlife enthusiast, Jim Corbett National Park, with its surrounding areas that are home to over 550 species of resident and migratory birds, from as far as Siberia, is the place to head out to. Birds of prey, songbirds and birds of myriad colours, vie for attention. While most can see or even photograph the wild dove, the bushchat, robin, finch, eagle, hornbill, beefeater, babbler and kingfisher, it takes a trained eye to spot the rarer or endangered ones like the black-crowned night heron, cinnamon bittern and great white pelican.

Your binoculars and a book on birds of the Indian subcontinent are all you will need for your soul to take flight. 

Good to Know: 

Entry Fee: As applicable.

Follow the guidelines for photography. Keep children safe.