Ramganga: Fish Away

Angling in the bluish-green waters of River Ramganga is a serene experience. The banks of the river also make for a great picnic spot.

Ramganga: Fish Away

At the Corbett National Park, your trip will not be complete without enjoying some fishing or angling. 

The Mahseer are giant fish that grow up to nine feet and can weigh up to 100 kg. To an angler, catching a Mahseer is similar to catching a tiger. The rivers in Corbett are among the last remaining habitats of these rare giants. Importantly, the anglers have to release the fish back into the water after weighing them. The idea behind fishing at Corbett is not to kill these lordly creatures. In fact, as a nod to their dwindling numbers, fishing is not allowed inside the core zone of the Jim Corbett National Park but only at specific points in the ecozone. 

Reading Hemingway's 'The Old Man and the Sea,' will give you a sense of what to look forward to in your battle with the Mahseer.

Good to Know : 

Best time to Visit: Between October and March

Permits: The resort can help to receive permits from the forest officials.