Kodai Lake: A Man-Made Marvel

Visit this beautiful, star-shaped lake which is part of the quintessential Kodai experience.

Kodai Lake: A Man-Made Marvel

Did you know that the Kodai Lake is man-made? It was built in 1863 CE, almost immediately after European and American settlements started coming up in the region. Sir Vere Henry Levinge, the former collector of Madurai, was involved in its construction. Now, the lake is one of the biggest landmarks of the popular hill station.

A popular spot in Kodai, you will find thick crowds thronging here all year long. The best way to enjoy the lake is to go boating in it or cycle around it. From the Sterling Kodai - Lake resort, a walk or cycling around the lake can also be a great experience.

Good to Know :

Location: Adjacent to Sterling Kodai - Lake, 6 km from Sterling Kodai - Valley