Shembaganur Museum: The Natural History of Kodaikanal

Shembaganur museum is believed to have one of the best orchid collections in the country. Visiting this orchidarium is a pleasant experience.

Shembaganur Museum: The Natural History of Kodaikanal

With over 300 varieties of trees and flowering plants, Shembaganur museum is the right place to go to, if you’re looking for a wide range of orchids. The Kurinji plant which blooms once in twelve years can also be found here.

Founded in 1895, the museum is managed by the Sacred Hearts College - Theological Seminary. A Spanish priest, Father E. Ugarthe donated his vast collection of artefacts to the museum with a view to rekindle the passion for the history of wildlife. In 1963, Father Ugarthe published a book titled “Museum of the Palanis”, that included a complete description of the various artefacts preserved in the museum. 

The display is arranged neatly, that helps the visitors locate easily the whereabouts of the animals thriving in different regions of the hills. The trees show a myriad of birds perched on their branches. It is a convenient way to familiarize oneself with the birds that live on these hills. While trekking, hiking or biking around the forests of Kodaikanal, a visit to the Shembaganur Museum is a quick and easy way to acquaint oneself not only with the flora, fauna and anthropology of the region but also with its culture.

Good to Know : 

Location: 9 km from the Sterling Kodai - Lake, 11 km from the Sterling Kodai - Valley.

Timing: 10 am to 11:30 am, 3 pm to 5 pm.