Vilpatti Hill: A Vista of Valleys

Vilpatti is a trekker's delight offering various trails and vantage points.

Vilpatti Hill: A Vista of Valleys

There is a legend about Vilpatti. 'Vil' in Tamil means bow and 'Patti' means village. It is believed that Lord Ram shot an arrow and this village emerged in the place where the arrow hit the ground.

Vilpatti is a vantage point from where one can observe the beautiful Elephant Valley. To best experience the view, you must trek up the Vilpatti Hill. Another good trek here is up the Kodaikanal-Palani hill through the Shola forest. Sterling Kodai will be delighted to facilitate these treks and trails for you. Alternatively, you can drive a 4X4 up the hill. 

A number of short date palms grow here, and if you are lucky, you might just spot a hungry bear shaking down a palm tree in the distance! You can sit at a street corner in Vilpatti and enjoy the beautiful view of the Kodaikanal hills.

Good to Know :

Location: 8 km from the Sterling Kodai - Lake, 2 km from the Sterling Kodai - Valley