Vattakanal: A Backpacker's Pit Stop

Vattakanal is a cozy village tucked into the hills, about 10 km away from Kodaikanal Lake. Away from the hustle and bustle, it shows what being in the lap of nature truly means.

Vattakanal: A Backpacker's Pit Stop

A few years ago Vattakanal was a sleepy village that only drew in travellers who were visiting the Dolphin’s Nose (a popular tourist attraction). Dolphin’s Nose is a massive boulder jutting out of the cliff's face with a breath-taking view. 

Today, this tiny village has transformed into a pit stop for backpackers and hikers. 

Thick pine forests, full of hidden streams and waterfalls, surround the village. Colourful mushrooms and toadstools populate the forests, with a few of them as big as large dinner plates. Some are bright cherry red in colour, while a few are chrome yellow.

The quaint village in itself is an attraction. A delightful blend of local villagers living in harmony with foreigners, there is a gentleman from Belgium who works here as a baker and is married to a local girl. Every morning, he visits all the houses selling a basket full of pastries, croissants, and brownies.

A German lady has dedicated her life to spreading environmental awareness. And a Jewish Rabbi, who visits the village once every year, holds large prayer groups in his house.

The village is also known as ‘Little Israel’ because a large number of Israeli tourists come here, generally around October.

Good to know : 

Location: 9 km from the Sterling Kodai - Lake, 18 km from the Sterling Kodai - Valley