Lambi Dehar Mines: A Trek into the Haunted Past

A haunted mine where you can supposedly hear the cries of 50,000 dead mine workers. Defintely not for the faint-hearted.

Lambi Dehar Mines: A Trek into the Haunted Past

Back in the 90’s, some 50,000 mine workers died an agonizing death at the Dehar Mines due to faulty mining practices. The mines were subsequently shut down and abandoned. Since then the mines have earned the dubious distinction of being amongst the Top 10 haunted places in India. 

Some locals have reported cries and wailing at night, presumably of those dead 50,000 workers who haunt the Dehar Mines while others claim that the mines are haunted by the lost souls of separated lovers. A witch is also believed to roam around near the mines at night. Scores of freak accidents and a helicopter crash here have added to the belief that this place is haunted. 

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Good to know: 

Location: Lambi Dehar Mines are located 6 km from Sterling Mussoorie. 

Reachable by your own vehicle as well as cabs and taxis.