Kalakand: For Those Sweet Cravings

The Kalakand of Alwar should be on everyone's must-try list. It is a popular milk sweet from the region.

Kalakand: For Those Sweet Cravings

India is known for its food and varied cuisines. Each region is known for something unique. Likewise, Alwar is known for its sweets, and if you have a sweet tooth, then you are in for a treat. Kalakand, a milk-based sweet, is quite popular in the region. You can find an entire street of sweet shops that sells only kalakand!

Making kalakand is an elaborate procedure. Milk is slowly boiled in an iron vessel. After it condenses, the thick milk is further cooked with sugar and dry fruits. Constant stirring is needed to keep the milk from burning. This is a laborious task that requires a lot of time and patience. Once it cools, it turns into a rich, fudgy mass milk of solids called 'manna'. The mass is then spread out and cut into little squares - Kalakand!

An entire lane in the market area of Alwar sells kalakand. Each shop is as good as the other, but it’s best to ask a local for recommendations. Thanagazi, Madhogarh, and Keshav Garh, small towns that fall between Alwar and Sariska, are also places where you can get kalakand. The price varies depending on the flavour and quality. An exotic variation of Kalakand is the 'Palang Tor' kalakand, made from saffron-flavoured milk.

Alwar is also a great place to stop by for authentic Rajasthani cuisine. The perfect place for foodies, you can savour the millet bread, lentils, flavoured buttermilk, onion fritters and spicy red meat.